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How Desktop POS Systems and Peripherals Work in Action

Aug 10, 2023

When we shop or dine at a store or restaurant, we might notice those seemingly ordinary Desktop POS Systems Hardware and other peripherals like scanners, printers, and cash drawers. Although they may not grab our attention, they play a vital role behind the scenes, working in harmony to create an efficient and seamless transaction experience. Let's delve into how these billing devices collaborate.


Firstly, as you stand at the checkout, the cashier may scan each item you're purchasing. This is where the scanner comes into play. It reads the barcode on the product, which is essentially a digital code containing various details about the item, such as its name, price, and stock level. Once the handhold QR Code scanner reads the barcode, it sends this information over to the all in one POS machine.


Next, the desktop POS ternimal receives the information from the barcode scanner. It decodes and processes the data, then displays the item's details on the screen, including its price and description. If you're dining, the system can also record your order for further processing.


Once you've confirmed the items you're buying or ordering, the payment step follows. If you choose to pay with cash, the cashier inputs the payment details for your order and places the cash in the cash drawer. At this point, the cash drawer receives a signal from the desktop POS system and pops open automatically, awaiting the placement of cash. If you opt for credit card payment, the desktop POS system sends the payment details to the payment terminal, completing the payment process.

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When the transaction is complete, you receive a receipt, thanks to the printer. The desktop POS system sends the transaction information to the printer, which then prints this information onto paper, generating a receipt. This receipt displays the items you've purchased, the payment method used, as well as the date and time of the transaction.


Throughout the entire process, these All in one Cashier Equipment function like a well-coordinated symphony orchestra, each playing its role and collaborating seamlessly. Their flawless cooperation makes the entire transaction process efficient, accurate, and convenient. So, the next time you're shopping or dining out, consider these desktop POS systems and peripherals silently working to create an enjoyable shopping and dining experience for you.

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