Congratulations to AonPos for completing a 200-unit order with an American company

Oct 13, 2023

After the unremitting efforts of aonpos's sales team, we finally won the recognition of customers with high-quality product quality and professional services. From the sample order to the confirmation of payment for the 200-unit order, it only took less than a month. Thanks to our sales team , technical support team, and the active cooperation of front-line workers in the factory, AonPos adheres to the work philosophy of quality first and service first, and puts solving customer problems first.

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After the customer placed the order, AonPos used all its resources to mobilize some of the spot goods and sent the first batch of products to the customer. The factory was also working hard to produce the second batch of products. It is expected to complete the work before the end of the month. During the cooperation, customers repeatedly requested strict quality control and emphasized production progress. AonPos strictly implemented customer requirements, worked overtime, and strictly controlled quality to complete production tasks.


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