Troubleshooting and troubleshooting of cash registers

May 16, 2023

As a common equipment in commercial supermarkets, cash registers have a high probability of failure due to frequent use. Equipment failure due to changes in external power supply or external environment may also cause hardware failure due to severe collisions during transportation and aging of long-term use parts. Under normal circumstances, the main faults of the pos system are concentrated in: cash drawer, printer, customer display screen, scanner and cash register host. Let's take a look at the common faults and troubleshooting methods of pos terminal.


Pos computer host

1. There is no response when booting, and there is no display

Please check whether the power supply is powered on; the all in one epos host responds when it is turned on, but the monitor has no display. When the power indicator light is on, check whether the signal cable of the monitor is plugged in properly.


2. There is an unknown sound when pos solutions starting up

The memory stick is badly connected.

3. There are texts displayed on the black screen when starting up, but the operating system cannot be entered
The hard disk cannot be checked, and COMS is not set properly.

4. An English file prompt appears when entering the operating system
The startup file of the operating system is damaged, please repair the windows operating system. Or reinstall windows.

5. Crash, freeze, blue screen from time to time.
Stuck situation: There are too many junk files in the system, too many junk software or plug-ins, use anti-virus software to clean up junk or uninstall redundant software. Uninstall the antivirus software after completion.
Crash, blue screen: mostly viruses and Trojan horses in the system. Please use anti-virus software to check and kill viruses. If there is no effect, it is mostly a hardware failure, please get it for after-sales maintenance.


The cash box problem

1. The cash drawer of the cash register cannot be opened or closed.
This phenomenon is also the most common. The reason may be that during the process of collecting money from the cash register, the banknotes slipped into the back of the cash drawer drawer of the cash register, causing it to be stuck on the hook in the cash drawer, and then the cash drawer of the cash register cannot be closed. on the problem. At this time, we only need to pull out the drawer and take out the stuck banknotes to solve the problem.
2. The cash drawer of the cash register cannot be opened

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